Friday, September 30, 2011

Sugar Rushed Tweens Connected with Candy Cuties through Post-it® Brand at Candy Fair ‘11

3M Philippines partners with Candy Magazine for a 2nd serving of the Candy Fair which was a success in 2010. This year, the most “note-able” Candy Cuties will yet again sweeten the Candy girls’ day at the Mega Tent Events Venue on September 24, 2011.

This year our Candy girls  get the chance to express themselves and impress their favorite Candy cuties by writing heartfelt and personal notes and posting them on the Post-it® Freedom Board where the Cuties can read them. Fun games and prizes also await Candy teens who will be participating in the fun games at the 3M booth.

For over 30 years, Post-it® Brand Notes have been the long-time study buddy of most teens. This year, Candy Girls will get to know the many uses of Post-it® Brand Notes to express themselves in their own sweet and unique way.   

With the aim of making life easier and better for people around the world, 3M continues to provide quality and excellence through their innovative brands and products. Innovation is a never ending process at 3M. “3M Philippines through Post-it® Brand places great value on the youth. We at 3M always strive for excellence to give them a fun and functional means for the youth to express their ideas and their feelings,” says Haydee Casapao, head of Stationary Products and Office Supplies Division of 3M Philippines. “We are glad to have partnered with Candy Magazine this year in order to reach out to more Candy girls and give them the chance to express themselves and have even more fun at the Candy Fair.”

The Post-it® Note was invented thirty years ago as a solution without a problem: Dr. Spencer Silver developed a unique, repositionable adhesive, but the 3M scientist didn't know what to do with his discovery. Then, six years later, a colleague of Dr. Silver, Art Fry, remembered the light adhesive when he was daydreaming about a bookmark that would stay put in his church hymnal. The rest is history.

Today, Post-it® Brand boasts more than 4,000 unique products, and has become one of the most well-known and beloved brands in the world. It carries the 3M tradition of creating innovative, quality products that make people’s lives easier and better.

Teens flock to the Candy Fair, the biggest teen event of the year

Teen girls and their barkadas had the time of their lives at the biggest teen event of the year, the 2011 Candy Fair! Held last September 24 at the Megatent Events Venue, the Candy Fair featured games, fun booth activities, and Candy Cuties—the recipe for a fun-filled afternoon.

Candy girls enjoyed strolling along the park-themed venue, with every nook and cranny a perfect picture-taking spot. The Candy Cuties manned the jail and marriage booths, and bonded with the Candy girls to make the exciting games even more memorable.

Sam Concepcion and Elmo Magalona, this year’s cover boys of the Candy Cuties mini-mag, led the celebrity performances with their own song and dance numbers.

Other teen celebrities who made the Candy girls swoon were Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition graduates Robi Domingo, James Reid and Patrick Sugui; actor Martin del Rosario; Tween Academy Class of 2012 stars Alden Richards, Joshua Dionisio, and Kristoffer Martin; up-and-coming recording star Somedaydream; Daniel Padilla and Diego Loyzaga of Growing Up; and Arkin Magalona.

 An overwhelming number of teens attended the Candy Fair this year. “Just to hear the girls squeal and scream and see the huge smile on their faces was enough. We've done our job,” says team publisher Christine Ko.

The 2011 Candy Fair was co-presented by Candie’s, Ginga and Pure ‘n Fresh. Major sponsors include Carefree, Lip Ice, PLDT Watchpad and SkinWhite. With special thanks to Coca-Cola and, Post-It.

Candy is available in bookstores, newsstands and supermarkets nationwide. For more of Candy online, visit, become a fan on Facebook via, and follow us on Twitter via

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"oh sh!t, not another blogger"

september 13, 2011. 12:09am

i am watching XXX, it featured a 29-year old "Christian" (not his real name), complaining that he found his photo on a blog that showcased photos of people who are supposedly AIDS victims. of course, that blog implies he has HIV/AIDS or some other AIDS-related sickness. the feature has just ended so i am now writing my thoughts.

i felt bad for the guy. i hope he clears everything soon. but really, he's not the reason why i'm writing this thing. i am writing because i am furious over the irresponsible and unethical act committed by this blogger. my first reaction over the feature? read my title.

i don't know what site that was, i don't wanna know. i hope i don't know who that blogger is. i've had enough trauma from having unknowingly encountered the Big Bad Blogger last December (i only realized it was him when the whole BBB issue circulated a earlier this year). i wasn't a BBB victim, mind you. i just happened to have met him and i wish i hadn't. so, going back, i really do hope i don't know that blogger.

as i've written above, the blogger posted photos of people who are supposedly HIV/AIDS victims. their faces, although blurred on the tv, were plastered on the blog for everyone to see. anyone could identify who those supposed victims are if they get to access that blog. that's how clear and big those photos are. "Christian" cried foul because he said he isn't one. if this is a joke, it's gone way too far.

even if it is just a common cold sickness, it's not ethical to put someone's face anywhere and tell the world that this person is with a certain illness unless the person allows it. what more so if they are sick with terminal illnesses (cancer, tuberculosis, etc.) or even this case, HIV/AIDS?

doctors and medical workers swore under the Hippocratic Oath, "Whatever, in connection with my professional service, or not in connection with it, I see or hear, in the life of men, which ought not to be spoken of abroad, I will not divulge, as reckoning that all such should be kept secret". unless otherwise the patient allows the doctor to divulge details of his sickness, the doctor is sworn to secrecy.

so what in the world is this blogger doing? is he/she even a doctor to do such thing? because if he/she is, i would find in my heart and mind to try to understand. mind the word TRY.

we bloggers are journalists by the second. we can tell the world something that happened just a few ticks of the clock ago. we can deliver the latest news even before the news reporters and cameramen of news networks could even arrive at the scene. we bloggers have more power than most of the journalists on tv, radio and print because we get to voice out what's on our minds through our posts, but we should be very careful about what we are writing. if that blogger is trying to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS, he/she is doing it in a very wrong, very inappropriate way.

i am a blogger, but i know a thing or two on ethics on writing. i am not in the field of medicine, but i know about confidentiality.

i know better not to name my friend ill of stage 4 cancer much more post her pictures nor dedicate a whole blog post to her when she wants everyone and everything happy. that is, dear readers, is a simple form of ethics and confidentiality. i can tell what's going on, but i won't divulge her name nor reveal her face.

as for the blogger, this is an impending libel case from "Christian" to you.

as i approached the end of this writing, which took me almost an hour to write, i was hesitating on publishing it. i am not one who likes to be controversial, but please other bloggers, be responsible with what you're writing. i really don't wanna see, hear, or read about another blogger getting into trouble in the news. get into trouble all you want, but please make sure you don't reach the news. that's gonna get more and more people despise you.

that's all. thank you.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Black Eyed Peas Early Bird Promo

The Black Eyed Peas Early Bird Promo
Here's a good treat for all BEP fans who would like to watch their concert on October 25, 2011.
Purchase your BEP concert tickets until September 10 and Get 20% Off
Black Eyed Peas LIVE in Manila!
October 25, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

Tickets will be available at all TicketWorld Manila and SM Tickets outlets. or for more details.


Bloggers Blowout at Astroplus GB5

September 3, 2011 - Astroplus at Greenbelt 5 held a Bloggers Blowout which divided bloggers into three categories - music, movies and tech gadgets.

yours truly signed on to the movie category, and boy, i have no regrets in doing so. Magnavision, C-Interactive Entertainment, Viva Video, Warner Pictures and 20th Century FOX all showed trailers of their up and coming dvd and movie releases.

a lot of movies caught my eye. i never really realized how big of a movie buff i actually am until i was in the event. i'm so looking forward to the release of the Harry Potter box set, and of course, the Glee 3D Concert Movie, considering that i am a not-so-secret Gleek. seriously, i wish for an invite if ever there is a premiere screening of Glee 3D which will be in theaters the same day (September 21, local date) as the premiere of the third season of the Glee tv series.

other movies that got me excited - Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, Transformers, Crazy Stupid Love, Friends with Benefits and my most favorite movies X-Men: First Class, Green Hornet and Kung Fu Panda.

a lot of goodies were distributed, of which movie bloggers received dvds and blu-ray discs of newly-released titles. also, official merchandises from the Twilight saga, Cars, Harry Potter, X-Men were raffled off.

all these will not be possible if not for the joint forces of Astroplus, and LG. thanks guys! it was really fun.

visit their facebook pages:

Astroplus - -

LG -