Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Cake and the Flowers

here's our cake for the competition. it doesn't really show how disastrous the top tier got because it's cute no matter what. the dolls were supposed to tell a lovestory - from being friends to lovers to a married couple. the dolls in wedding attire weren't able to hold still in the top tier and fell off, we said they committed suicide, and called them Daniel and Katerina of Walang Hanggan.

i made all the gumpaste flowers that were placed on the cake. 

Wheatgrass in coffee makes perfect sense to coffee lovers

One to two cups of Bio-Coffee is purrrfect, the one and only alkaline coffee in the market. 

Bio-Coffee 4-in-1 is a good blend of Easy Pha-max wheatgrass powder, instant Arabica coffee, non-dairy creamer and oligosaccharide (natural honey).

You can drink it again and again without turning acidic due to the alkaline property of wheatgrass.

Dissolve sachet in a cup of hot water, stir, sniff, enjoy its aroma and savor the aftertaste of healthy coffee.  

Early Christmas promo price is P335 for the Introductory Pack of 10 sachets. Each sachet weighs 20g. 

For free delivery, call 890-1111. 

The coffee is also available in Easy Pha-max wheatgrass kiosks located in leading malls like SM, Robinsons, Festival Mall.

Hello Kitty, Hello Christmas at SM North Edsa!

here's one event today i missed because some people are turning me into one hell of a lean, mean baking machine, ergo i can't leave home. i'm not complaining though. just the part that i wasn't able to come to this cute event at SM North. it's Hello Kitty! whining about not being able to be there is inevitable when the event is this cute.

i'm not sure though, but i think Hello Kitty's gonna be on display for quite some time. it seems Hello Kitty will be spending Christmas at SM North, so i will fret not. i'll visit SM North soon.

Global Academy : Flying High @ FIVE

i've been meaning to blog about my school's homecoming party but as i've said in my previous post/s, i've been damn busy with a lot of things and happenings, so i guess i'll just do a post-event feature of it. 

October 29 marked the day of the Grand Alumni Homecoming of Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy as it reached its 5th anniversary. the event was hailed as "Flying High @ 5" and it was a very busy day as competitions were held in the morning and afternoon, and the Homecoming party itself held later that night at the Skye Lounge at the W Building in Bonifacio High Street.

the competition held in the morning were divided in 5 categories:

  • Wedding Cake Live Competition
  • Cupcake Decorating Contest
  • Toss-a-Salad Competition
  • Chocolate Cake Innovation
  • Plated Desserts

as i've mentioned before, i joined the wedding cake competition along with 2 other classmates. well, long story short, we lost but we aren't feeling bad about it, or at least i am. it's funny that our friends among the audience were more nervous than we who were actually the ones put under pressure. 

our cake was the one with dolls and flowers. it's theme was "Lovestory", which explains the dolls on every tier, and we named it "The Story of Us". yes, it is inspired by two Taylor Swift songs. it's top tier got ruined because it wasn't able to handle the weight of the wedding dolls. on the upside of it, everything in our cake is edible and yummy, from the dolls, to the flowers, to all three tiers of the red velvet cake. and we were able to make fun of it by adding a somewhat-hidden subtitle beneath the "The Story of Us" title where i wrote "looks a lot like a tragedy now" because of the fallen dolls.

see some of the event photos: