Monday, April 30, 2012

There’s something with Karylle’s smile; Roadtrip available at

Singer-actress-host Karylle has a lot of reasons to smile lately –self-produced Roadtrip album just turned Gold, hosting stint in Showtime, post-Valentine concert Love and Laughter with Christian Bautista was successful, Best Actress nomination from the Monte Carlo Festivals for The Kitchen Musical, and the Best Performance Bronze Medal and Best in Writing Gold Medal the series got from the recently-concluded New York Festivals.

With these, it seems that it is the most opportune time to release her latest single from Roadtrip – I’ve Found My Smile Again. This is the third single after the upbeat OMG and the sweet, sincere Basically.

Aside from record stores, Roadtrip can be downloaded at, a one-stop mega-shop for all your music download needs, also boasts of exclusive downloads made for MyMusic Store supporters only. It also has a library of thousands of songs and albums for you to choose from. 

The song talks about having a reason to “smile” again.

The music video, helmed by ace photographer Raymund Isaac, had its premiere last April 23 on MYX.

“I am really thankful that Raymund agreed to direct this video,” says Karylle. “I really love it. Raymund is a genius!”

On the other hand, Karylle is still ecstatic in the recent win of The Kitchen Musical at the New York Festivals (Gold Medal for Best Writing and Bronze Medal for Best Performance).

“We are all very happy to have won the New York Festivals,” says Karylle. “I was in touch with our director before the awards. Honestly, it didn't cross my mind that we would win but on the day of the awards, I kept praying that we would win.”

Karylle is also nominated in the Best Actress category at the Monte Carlo Festivals.

She recounts, “I didn't really want to believe it, since I didn't hear from our TKM group. When I saw the nominations list, I was in disbelief seeing the likes of Tina Fey, Juliana Marguiles, among others to be among the other nominees.”

The Kitchen Musical also emerged as an intermedia-globe Gold Award winner at the 2012 WorldMediaFestival, a global competition for modern media that honours and celebrates excellent solutions in Corporate Film, Television, Web and Print productions on an international scale.

To vote for the music video, just log on to!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jay Park Live in Manila

Korean pop superstar Jay Park will take Manila by storm on May 4-6 as he promote his new album "New Breed", under MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines).

Catch him live at the following venues: May 4 (Friday), 7pm at Eastwood Mall Open Park; May 5 (Saturday), 7pm at Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill and May 6 (Sunday), 4pm at Lucky Chinatown Mall which are Metro Manila’s premier themed lifestyle centers, owned by Megaworld Corporation.

Joining Jay Park on these dates and venues are MCA Music’s teen acoustic-pop duo/YouTube sensations Krissy & Ericka and Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart SABRINA who will also perform in these series of mall shows.

Those who will buy Jay Park’s album “New Breed” during those dates will get to have their copies signed by Jay Park himself!

Jay Park Live in Manila is presented by MCA Music and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls in cooperation with Eastwood Richmonde Hotel – the official residence of Jay Park in Manila, Red Box (Rock Dine Roll), media partners- MYX – The official music channel partner, 97.1 Barangay LS FM Tugstugan Na!, Sparkling Magazine, Gadgets Magazine,, Yahoo Philippines, Juan Manila Express, Businessworld,, Manila Concert Scene and BND Hair Gallery Salon (For inquiries call 632- 4943270 or +639434035633).

To get the latest updates on Jay Park, visit MCA Music's Facebook page at “New Breed” is also available online at


Check out Jay Park gracing the cover of for April 2012.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Uses of Wheatgrass

Aside from drinking wheatgrass to give the body its nutritional benefits, I've found that there are actually many more uses. Although I haven't proven it myself, I believe in wheatgrass so much, I'd still share it here in this blog - with a few of my commentaries and assumptions. Consider yourself warned. :D

1. Wheatgrass can be applied topically to the skin to relieve itching. - So, if you actually used Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass with Honey, that would be like a double whammy to your itching skin since honey is already known since the ancient times to soothe the skin of itching and allergy. 

2. Wheatgrass soothes sunburned skin. - Perfect nowadays because it is summer! But how? Should this be applied topically? Or should you sit in a tub filled with wheatgrass juice?

3. Wheatgrass can be used as a disinfectant. - I assume this is when applied topically. But then of course, do not forget to drink your wheatgrass to improve your healing ability.

4. Wheatgrass can be used a beauty treatment, it will help tighten loose and sagging skin. - It can give anti-aging products a run of their money because of this, assuming this is applied topically (again), and drank regularly.

5. Rub wheatgrass into the scalp before shampooing to help mend damaged hair and alleviate itchy scalp. - Interesting. Hair is everyone's crowning glory so we better take care of our hair. Hair repair products are also quite a bit too full of chemicals, so opt for something more natural - wheatgrass.

6. Wheatgrass can be used for soothing and healing cuts, burns, scrapes, rashes, poison ivy, athlete's foot, insect bites, boils, sores, open ulcers and tumors. - Tumors?! Wow. We actually have a cancer-preventive(?) product in the house! I suppose when taken regularly as a food supplement, it can be preventive.

7. Use wheatgrass in your bath water to enjoy all the external benefits. - I'd fill my tub with wheatgrass later. I wonder what it'd do to my skin. :D

8. Placing a tray of wheatgrass near your bed will enhance the oxygen in the air. - A tray of wheatgrass meaning the wheatgrass plant, right?

9. Gargle with wheatgrass to relieve sore throat. - Why gargle if you can drink it? Seriously.

10. Wheatgrass helps overcome dandruff. Rub the juice into the scalp, rinse and shampoo. - Dandruff is one of the causes of hair fall and hair loss, and dandruff shampoos can be a little to strong so hair fall and hair loss is not impossible.

11. Hold wheatgrass juice in the mouth for 5 minutes to relieve toothaches. - Then swallow? Like what I said above, why gargle if you can drink it, right? Oh my, I've got a lot of thoughts in my mind right now, a lot of non-sense might appear later in this article.

12. Use wheatgrass as a mouthwash since it draws out toxins from the gums and teeth. - Your dentist will wonder if you went to another dentist or if you were actually improving your dental hygiene. And your teeth will thank you so much they'd stay with you longer.

13. Bundles of wheatgrass suspended in aquarium water purifies and disinfects the water and can heal sick fish. - So, it can help water purification, and even heal fishes. I wonder what will happen if I gave my dog some wheatgrass juice too? Dogs eat grass for its enzymes, so I wonder if wheatgrass is the same. Anyway, don't you think we should plant wheatgrass along the riversides?

14. Wash eyes with finely strained wheatgrass juice to improve your vision, as well as relief of eyestrain and itchiness. - Instant eyedrops. But won't that hurt? 

15. If you have a cold, insert wheatgrass juice into nasal passages and inhale to cleanse and open sinuses. - Try snorting wheatgrass powder. Hahaha :D But seriously, if it really does that, then wheatgrass can be a relief to asthma as well. Well, that is only my opinion.

If you want to try and use wheatgrass as mentioned above, here is a list of Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass products: 
  • Wheatgrass Powder 30 sachets/box - P990
  • Wheatgrass Powder 66 sachets/box - P1790
  • Wheatgrass Powder with Honey 15 sachets/box - P590
  • Wheatgrass Powder with Honey (650g tin) - P1190
  • Bio Coffee (20g x 16 sachets) - P440
  • Bio Soymilk (20g x 16 sachets) - P440
  • Whea-Gee Wheatgrass Chewables for Kids (90 tablets) - P850
  • Insupro Forte 60 capsules/box - P1100
  • Sky Wheat-Wheatgrass Plus (200 tablets) - P650
  • So Easy 3 boxes/set (Chocolate/Strawberry) - P4900
  • So Easy 1 box (Chocolate/Strawberry) - P1634
  • 10 Wheatgrass Pure + 1 Wheatgrass Pure (Value Pack) - P330
  • 10 Wheatgrass Honey + 1 Wheatgrass Honey (Value Pack) - P395
To order, you may call their Hotline number at 890-1111, Toll-free number 1-800-10-890-1111. You may send them an SMS at 0917-5097194. Fax them at 887-3277. Check them out at for more details. Free delivery anywhere in Metro Manila for a minimum purchase of P650.

Wheatgrass Facts

i suddenly got an idea of researching the net for wheatgrass, and i've found quite a lot - a lot of redundant decriptions, health benefits, overviews, uses, etc., so i searched for more and came across it said that wheatgrass comes with a lot of aliases: 

  • Agropyre
  • Agropyron
  • Agropyron repens
  • Agropyron firmum
  • Blé en Herbe
  • Brote del Trigo
  • Couchgrass
  • Couch Grass
  • Cutch
  • Dog Grass
  • Dog-grass
  • Doggrass
  • Durfa Grass
  • Elytrigia repens
  • Elymus repens
  • Graminis Rhizoma
  • Herbe de Blé
  • Quack Grass
  • Quackgrass
  • Quitch Grass
  • Scotch Quelch
  • Triticum
  • Triticum firmum
  • Triticum repens
  • Twitchgrass
  • Wheat Grass
  • Witch Grass
cool, right?! next time i'd try to influence/convince/coerce someone to try wheatgrass again, i'd use its other names so they'd be confused, so confused they'd ask about it again and again until they are interested with wheatgrass. :D

have you had your wheatgrass yet?

To order, you may call Easy Phamax Hotline number at 890-1111, Toll-free number 1-800-10-890-1111. You may send them an SMS at 0917-5097194. Fax them at 887-3277. Check them out at for more details. Free delivery anywhere in Metro Manila for a minimum purchase of P650. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


At Kenny Rogers Roasters it is easy to find the perfect match. The best part being, you do not have to stick to one. With Kenny’s new Saucy Roast Chicken, diners have more reasons to enjoy the number one roasted chicken in Asia – with three new sauces to savor and to die for.

Each sauce compliments the Saucy Roast Chicken differently. Infused with the flavors of pepper and fragrant garlic, the new chicken flavor is best enjoyed with any of the three sauces that could make dining an immeasurably enjoyable experience.  For that extra bite, Cracked Peppercorn Sauce - flavorful gravy dotted with cracked black pepper – is perfect; while diners who dig the taste of the distinct sweetness of barbecue, would choose Sweet BBQ Sauce in a wink. It would be a ‘sin’ not to try Creamy Mushroom Sauce – creamy savory gravy peppered with mushroom bits.

“These delightful chicken and sauce matches are our delightful gifts to foodies. It's a new set of pleasant surprises for our guest. There is no easier way to put it. It’s definitely another way of enjoying the unique Kenny experience,” says Meggie Bolinao-Jose, Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Marketing Director. Saucy Roast Chicken is available with Solo Plates, Group Meals, Healthy Plates and Combo Meals, and is available for dine-in, take out and delivery.   This uniquely Kenny Rogers product will be available in all its restaurants until June 30, 2012 so visit your favorite branch today.


Kenny Rogers Roasters would not be a popular choice for diners if not for the merry mix of side dishes that make visits distinctly pleasurable. Along with the new chicken flavor and its trio of sauces, Kenny Rogers Roasters has also launched three new side dishes you would easily fall for. 

“We expect diners to say ‘We’ve been won over’ given the many sides they can choose from but there is still a lot to be discovered at Kenny Rogers Roasters.  There is no stopping us from surprising and delighting more guests.  "We are cooking up a lot more for our guests so they can definitely look forward to more exciting dishes when they visit our restaurants,” muses Meggie.

If good luck comes in 3s then this trifecta of offers is full proof - Mediterranean Pasta, a light but flavorful medley of premium pasta, roasted eggplant, olives, tomatoes, and parmesan cheese tossed in Kenny’s very own tomato vinaigrette; Eggplant Pomodoro, fire-roasted eggplant baked with chunky, Italian-style tomato sauce, topped with parmesan cheese; and Mashed Sweet Potato, a nutritional side with a sweet, buttery, and slightly creamy taste and aroma.

These new sides are available in regular and large sizes. Along with the Saucy Roast Chicken, these offers are available in all Kenny Rogers Roasters branches nationwide. Having the best roasted chicken is enough reason to visit Kenny Rogers Roasters. The new offers tell you why it’s thousands of diners’ restaurant-of-choice. 

Call 555-9000 for Kenny’s deliciously healthy delivery. For more details on Kenny Rogers mouthwatering food choices, log on to