Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wheatgrass Chronicles part 8

i haven't blogged in a while.. a month and 5 days to be exact.


culinary school has got me so busy, i am in a cake competition which will commence tomorrow, and i went on a semi-hiatus from blogging as a way to protest the stupidity that happened a while back in the Philippine cyberworld. well, that and i'm really just so busy.

so, here i resume blogging as it is our semestral break, and i kinda need to get myself away from cakes and frostings. just now, i am using some minutes from preparing cake competition needs. i need to free myself from cakes. it's delicious, but it's driving me crazy because that is all i've been doing the past weeks and it's somewhat sickening. i need to get away from it even for just some minutes.

since i'm semi-free the past week, i dropped by the Easy Pha-max office. i decided to surprise them with some cream puffs i made. it was a hit in my mom's office, i thought why not let them try? but the catch is that, instead of the plain old cream filling, i made cream filling with wheatgrass. it's so funny, i got one of them to bite right into it, and then the green cream filleing oozed out of it just as i was explaining what i did to it. hahaha! surprise, surprise. :D

i was trying to get some reviews of what i made from them and they say it's good. somehow, i really need to be convinced that it is really good before i share the recipe for my "Green Puffs". i will share the recipe, i just need time to be free and for all these crazy things to end.

wait for it, i'll post it soon.