Monday, July 30, 2012

SALE ALERT! SM North EDSA puts their Furniture and Homewares on SALE fron July 25 to August 12!

Explore new ways to live as SM North EDSA's Interior Zone is slashing prices for up to 50% off on selected items from their furniture and homewares from July 27 until August 12.

Participating Interior Zone shops are:

  • Our Home
  • Showcase Carpet
  • Provident Light
  • Floor Center
  • Dos Pueblos
  • Modufit
  • Color N' Life
  • La-Z Boy
  • Perfect I
  • Art Circle Gallery
  • Philux
  • Muebles de Abubot
  • Market Squares
  • Shell Canvass
  • Eglo
  • Jameela
  • Robles Heritage
  • Muebles Asia
  • Space & Style
  • Linden Teak
  • Collezione Europa
  • Forty Winks
  • Windoors
  • Alpha Steel
  • ABC Decor
  • Condofit
  • Contempo Design
  • Abenson
  • Dimensione
  • Lamin8
  • Homeworld and ACE Express by SM Department Store

Friday, July 27, 2012

Global Academy joins AFC's 7107 Eats at Eastwood Mall Open Park this Sunday!

Here comes another gastronomic food fair!

Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy, Center for Culinary Arts and Genting Star Tourism Academy will be joining Asian Food Channel (AFC) Philippines in 7107 Eats

Learn various cooking techniques and dishes from these Culinary Arts schools this Sunday, July 29, 3pm to 8pm at the Eastwood Mall Open Park as they conduct cooking demos and don't forget to visit their booths. They'd be giving out freebies too!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Smells Like Teen Spirit at SM Marikina This Weekend!

SM City Marikina Celebrates the Power of the Youth this July with events you should watch out for!

Last 2 events this weekend!

Also, Chatime opens in the 2nd floor this Sunday, July 29 so come and visit! Good Tea, Good Time!


If you want to indulge in your culinary cravings this weekend, you’re in luck! The Mezza Norte night food market opens in Quezon City on Thursday and the Ulimate Taste Test holds its ninth round in Alabang on Sunday!

From the same organizers of the popular Mercato Centrale food market in Bonifacio Global City, Mezza Norte in UP-AyalaLand Technohub along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City brings together the best in home-cooked foods and pastry and dessert finds that the North has to offer, along with your Mercato Centrale favorite food stands! Mezza Norte opens on Thursday (July 26) and will be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6:00pm to 3:00am.

Organized by Anton Diaz, the man behind the popular food and travel blog, the Ultimate Taste Test 9.0 is an opportunity to try out and personally critique different specialty foods and new or soon-to-be-launched dishes straight from the kitchens of up and coming and popular food entrepreneurs from all over Metro Manila. 

Among the winners of the previous Ultimate Taste Tests are Dulcelin Gourmet specialties, Supreme Brazo, Angus Beef Tapa, Risa Chocolates, Carmen’s Best Artisan Ice Cream and Merry Moo Premium Ice Cream.  The Ultimate Taste Test Version 9.0 will be on Sunday (July 26) starting 6:00pm at the Soderno Night Food Market in Molito Commercial Center, corners of Madrigal and Commerce (in front of Alabang Town Center), Alabang.

If you are interested to enter your food and/or drink product/s in the Ultimate Taste Test, please contact or 09175318949.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Customs Commissioner Biazon Shares His Story of Success and Good Governance at upcoming Leadership Summit

Bureau of Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon, and other thriving experts in different sectors of the society, are set to speak at the forthcoming: “How They Did It: Leadership and Success Summit 2012” on August 9, 2012 at Ayala Tower 1, Makati City.

Cited as one of the Top 100 young Leaders of the country and an Outstanding Congressman, Comm. Biazon will be speaking about his triumphs and reforms on the system as well as his continuing advocacy in paving the way for good governance and bringing back the public’s trust.  Throughout his career, he has earned a reputation as a model of integrity and honor for all those in the public service.

Aside from Commisioner Biazon, eight other industry leaders are set to share their experiences, insights, and expertise, namely: Gawad Kalinga Founder and Chairman Mr. Tony Meloto; Cottonwood College Executive Director, Mr. Ken Mulkey; Chef Tony’s Gourmet Popcorn owner, Mr. Anthony Elepano; Lamoiyan Corporation President and CEO, Mr. Cecilio Pedro; Respected TV Commercial Director, Mr. Jeric Soriano; BrandSpeakAsia, Inc. President and CEO, Ms. Leigh De Armas; Ephesians Management Corporation General Manager, Mr. Marvin Germo; and Monday President and CEO, Mr. Lloyd Luna.

Organized by the Ephesians Management Corporation (EMC), the summit will tackle topics on reasons for success, winning with the giants, financial freedom for Filipinos, building a global brand, good leadership, the power of passion and creativity, good governance, turning failures to success, and nation building.

“We are honored to have Commissioner Ruffy Biazon to share his story with us. We have much to learn from him as an example of a public servant working for a better future for the Philippines through his efforts towards good governance. He, and his actions, continue to instil hope in every Filipino that we can still have a transparent government.  From his humble beginnings, he persevered and we see now how all his hard work paid off. His story will definitely inspire a lot of Filipinos, to chase after their own success with integrity,” says Marvin Germo, General Manager of EMC.

EMC is a Filipino-owned company engaged in Management Consultancy that offers services with immediate impacts on clients’ operations and prepares their work environment for long term competition.

“Oftentimes, people do not see the story behind the success. That is what we want to showcase in the summit to be able to inspire and equip people,” Mr. Germo concludes.

For inquiries and registration, please contact Mr. Marvin Germo at 0917.814.62.78 or through or Ms. Rosalie Fernandez 0915.605.07.50/ 

For more details, please visit Follow the summit at and like the Facebook page at A portion of the proceeds of the summit will go to Gawad Kalinga.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

SM City Marikina Celebrates the Power of the Youth this July!

SM City Marikina Celebrates the Power of the Youth this July with events you should watch out for!

All About Scrapbooking holds Ready, Set, Scrap! for bloggers

this is so long overdue. this event was held about two saturdays ago, if i'm not mistaken. i was damn busy with culinary school, add to that the fact that some unwanted presence of my brother lingers around the house and hoards the internet (ergo, pending blogs over pending blogs pile up and i might not be able to finish them in time). but, how can i not blog about Scrapaholics? okay, no pictures because i won't be able to upload them, thanks to my prepaid internet dongle, and the monster hoarding the internet, but i'll blog about this still.

what exactly was this event called, really? Ready, Set, Scrap! or Scrap 'n' Tell? i'm confused. anyway, i hope to publish some press releases when the monster is not home in the coming days. probably some photos too if i have them (do i?).

our first project was from Art Attack. a pencil/pen holder made out of carton. i made mine plain red but embellished it with glitter glue, which turned out to look like it may be a property of lady gaga's (imagine bad romance music video). other bloggers made their cups using different colors, but i chose to keep mine simple yet intricate. the glitter glue looked like beads after it dried. it looked like a drinking cup when it was set.

next project was a carnival-themed scrapbook album which i honestly did not enjoy making because the instructor was so damn fast and it was kinda looking like a freaky carnival with all those carnival freaks and creepy, horrific clowns with all the moss greens, browns and reds going on in the pack. but seriously though, it could have been good if not for the carnival theme. don't hate, people. just my opinion.

i would like to thank All About Scrapbooking for the gift bag they sent us home with. some Art Attack color pens (which i use at school), and of course, a few scrapbooking materials (which my mom excitedly opened upon my arrival). 

to be honest, i'm not sure which my mom took and which i was able to keep except for the Art Attack color pens. i am that busy at school. but as of writing, it's a saturday night and i am not so sleepy just yet, i might be able to squeeze in some scrapbook projects requested by my friends.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Survived SM City North EDSA's Great Northern Sale!

i got lucky i was invited to come to SM North Edsa to participate in their Great Northern Sale which started July 13, and will last until July 15. i was given a P500 Gift Certificate plus a Gourmet Card to start the shopping adventure.

the items i bought were a Chapstick lipbalm (a must have because i think i lost my Bathology lipbalm), Planet X clogs (for culinary school use), a few Sharpies (a steal worth P20 each, usually at P60), a cardigan from Knits Collection, a scissor (again for culinary school use), Garnier Light Complete and Veet.

i almost got annoyed because there were a lot of people and kids are all over the department store, but then i have to understand, it's not everyday SM Malls are on sale, so i have to deal with it if i wanna shop until i drop.

my most interesting find was the clogs i could use in the kitchen at school. it's a real steal at P80. yep, P80. not as good as the one i have in school but for emergency use, it could do.

the most important of the items i bought was the lipbalm as i may or may not have lost my Bathology lipbalm. it may be inside my locker at school or i may have lost it while traveling to Ayala and back last friday.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


SM Southmall, the premiere shopping destination in South Metro Manila recently held the 3rd edition of SM Southmall Runway Picks featuring top fashion brands found in the newly renovated mall.  Showcased on the ramp were local and global brands – SM Department Store, SM Ladies Fashion, GTW, 3 Stars & a Sun, Bench, Blue, Inc., Celine, Charles & Keith, Fox, Gingersnaps, Girbaud, Human, Jag, Just G, Kali, Kashieca, Levi’s, Mags, Mendrez, Michelis, Osh Losh, Parfois, Payless, Peppermint, Periwinkle, Petite Monde, Plains & Prints, Promod, Sabella, Shubizz, Tomato Green & Red, Yves Rocher – styled to suit the distinct and discriminating taste of South Metro shoppers. The show also featured Rock and Soil, the Earth Tone Collection, the latest in men’s line by Ulysses King and the debut of his first ever, women’s line. 

The show captured that distinct South Metro savvy of effortless chic, with looks that were laid back, casual and carefree but with the elegance, flair and fashion-forward elements that will surely turn heads. Live music was provided DJ Callum David while guests were treated to entrees from newly opened food tenants – Tous Les Jours, Hollys’ Coffee, Black Canyon Coffee, Breadstory & Krispy Kreme. 

The show was set in the mall’s Food Street area – a newly opened Al Fresco dining strip, currently with 12 new dining concepts – and is set to launch with at least 30 restaurants by 4th quarter this year. For more info, contact he marketing department at 8000447 loc 115 or e-mail

Check out Event Lover's Hideout on Facebook for photos of the event.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

20 Benefits of Wheatgrass

i stumbled upon a link a few months ago with the quoted text below. now, my dilemma is i couldn't find the link from where i got the writings below. oh, well, here goes the benefits of wheatgrass.

1. Wheatgrass lowers blood pressure

2. Wheatgrass helps the digestive system by flushing toxins from the system

3. Wheatgrass slows the graying of hair and removes dandruff

4. Wheatgrass suppresses appetite, curbs cravings, and stimulates metabolism and circulation

5. Wheatgrass protects the body from outside pollutants by building up the white blood cells

6. Wheatgrass has anti-inflammatory effects on arthritis, ulcers and insect bites

7. Wheatgrass builds blood by building red blood cells quickly

8. Wheatgrass energizes and reduces fatigue

9. Wheatgrass promotes regularity and helps fight constipation

10. Wheatgrass reduces or eliminates offensive body and breath odors

11. Wheatgrass' antibacterial properties reduce symptoms of a sore throat when used to gargle

12. Wheatgrass topical antibacterial use for skin wounds (burns and sunburns)

13. Wheatgrass aids in stopping tooth decay

14. Chewing of wheatgrass may banish sleepiness and bring a new alertness

15. Wheatgrass juice helps cleanse the liver

16. Wheatgrass calms the nervous system

17. Presence of chlorophyll in wheatgrass stabilizes blood sugar levels

18. Wheatgrass reduces fever and irritability in children

19. Wheatgrass applied regularly onto the skin will eventually fade blemishes and sunspots by stimulating the growth of healthy new skin and “tightening” older skin

20. When inhaled through the nose, wheatgrass is effective in clearing sinus congestion

SM Southmall Runway Picks!

SM Southmall invites you to the latest fashion picks fresh from the runway. Featuring the newest collection from the following fashion brands: SM Department Store’s SM Ladies Fashion & Girls Teens’ Wear, Charles & Keith, F&X, 3 Stars & A Sun, Jag, Just G., Human, Kashieca, Levi’s Mags, Le Jean de Marithe Francois Girbaud, Mendrez, Michelis, Osh Kosh B’gosh, Parfois, Payless, Peppermint, Periwinkle, Petit Monde, Plains & Prints, Promod, Sabella, Shubizz, Bench, Blue, Inc., Celine, Tomato, & Yves Rocher. Latest designs from young designer Ulysses King will also be featured in the fashion show. Model & DJ Callum David will play music to entertain guests.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Major discounts everywhere you look! Get the most exclusive deals on all brands, stores and dining places only at SM City North EDSA's

July 13-14-15
up to 70% off on selected brands!

Visit our Facebook, Twitter and website for more updates

I can't wait to get my hands on the stuff waiting for me to bring home! It's back to school for me so anything I could find at the Great Northern Sale would definitely have a purpose. Kitchen stuff for the future chef, maybe?